UI Design Process for a Podcast App Concept

The Challenge

With climate change rapidly altering our environments and more and more individuals recognizing the reality and impact it is having on communities around the world, individuals are seeking to engage more with climate justice content, stay informed and learn how their actions…

Nin is an app that empowers individuals to learn, connect, and organize for climate change in their local communities by participating in collective civic and political activism right from the palm of their hands.


Climate change is transforming our region, and its impacts have only become more apparent. Among individuals who recognize the scientific consensus and have no doubts about the reality of climate change, there is a large disparity of attitudes around getting involved in climate justice activities.

For this project, my group…

Photo by Sunni Campbell

The Start of Something New

When I started at Wheelhouse DMG over 3 years ago, I knew that I had just joined a company that I would be proud to work with. What I hadn’t imagined was that I’d find some of the most talented and kind people I’ve had the privilege of knowing and…

Sunni Campbell

An Indigenous UX Designer with a background in digital marketing. Passionate about equity design and user-centric design thinking. Co-Founder of Modern Aisles.

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